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Event U Rox Ventures are a group of companies dedicated to address your event management needs — from Massive Corporate, Social and Marketing Events to Brand Activations.

We bring hundreds of Mega Events to life every year with our Expertise and Network Partners.

EUR (An Event U Rox Venture) is a leading Event Management Company that has helped Industry Giants put on some of the Biggest Events in the Country Since 2011! 


Eur Corp

Armed with tons of experience across event categories and industries, our Corporate Events division has got you covered for every corporate event you could possibly think of.

Eur Social

EUR houses Social Event Management Pros who have excelled at the art of mega social events — from Weddings, Concerts and CSR events to parties, college fests, and even Artist & Celeb management.

Eur MarCom

Our creative Marcom experts have been known to deliver that power-packed punch you need for your Brand activations and Marketing Events.



Our business is important, but your business and success at the event is far more important, which is why 92% of our customers have come back to us time and again for their event management needs.

We Backup...

...More than twice. At EUR we always have an alternative to a situation, come what may. When it comes to events, there is every chance of the unpredictable happening. We are always prepared!

Those Extra 11 miles

While others push themselves just to go that extra a mile or two, we go several times over. Double checking and factoring-in buffer time for set up and rehearsals are just some of our old habits that die hard. Call that paranoia to ensure a flawless event.

Top Talent

We handpick each and every one of our event managers and partners after careful consideration of their overall event management career and niche event expertise. This means that you get the best event management experts in the industry working on your events to make them truly world-class.

Stress-free Event Management Experience

We are Event specialists driven by a passion for perfect events, so that the strain of event management does not touch you.

 Our USP...

Needless to say, a lot goes into delivering top notch events like we have. What's the secret sauce?

The Personal Touch

Events are more than just a passion for us. That's exactly why we personally ensure that we are there with you at every step of your event management journey!

Keen Eye for Detail

From the quality of the stage carpets to breathtaking stage design, we double check every detail of your event that you haven't even thought of Yet.

Striking the Right Balance

Our expertise in every event management niche and experience across hundreds of clients help us create an ideal solution that delivers the biggest bang for the buck!

After the roaring success of 800+ events across industries such as retail, energy, manufacturing, education, IT, airlines, banking, and e-commerce, it's more than safe to say we know just what works!


So, Why Do Clients Love Us?



Our Valuable Clients

Over 90% of our customers are repeat. We thank them everyday for the immense trust they place upon us.

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